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-日本デビューアルバム 3月31日(水)発売
Japan Debut Album, On Sale March 31


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●デコレーションステッカー (集合絵柄1種+メンバー別12種の全13枚セット)
Decoration sticker (Set of a total of 13 stickers: One type showing the whole group + 12 types of individual member stickers)


  • Iraywina
    IraywinaHari Yang lalu

    Haruto this SWAG boy

  • 🎸 pjw
    🎸 pjw4 hari yang lalu


  • 🎸 pjw
    🎸 pjw4 hari yang lalu

    i love beautiful sm !

  • 🎸 pjw
    🎸 pjw4 hari yang lalu

    them singing in japanese hits different

  • Jaehyuk's Dumpling
    Jaehyuk's Dumpling6 hari yang lalu

    98% of the comments are about asahi. 2% are copied comments about teumes being the luckiest.

  • Jaehyuk's Dumpling
    Jaehyuk's Dumpling6 hari yang lalu

    I love them all.

  • My butter is salty with jelly but sweet with BTS
    My butter is salty with jelly but sweet with BTS9 hari yang lalu

    Treasure will take over later on after BTS, believe me. I wish that BTS and Treasure will stay forever 😔

  • Pearlaloush 98
    Pearlaloush 9813 hari yang lalu

    Where can I buy your album/merch? 🥺

  • Lil ᝄ

    Lil ᝄ

    9 hari yang lalu

    you can buy it in ygselect or ktown4u

  • RoséofBlackpink
    RoséofBlackpink13 hari yang lalu

    愛してる TREASURE 💎❤️

  • RoséofBlackpink
    RoséofBlackpink13 hari yang lalu


  • hamadaafiq_
    hamadaafiq_13 hari yang lalu

    My sahi😆

  • 34_6E_Tenzin Bhotia
    34_6E_Tenzin Bhotia15 hari yang lalu

    0:45 I haven't seen Asahi laugh that much, when i saw that i smiled and my heart just lit up :D

  • 90’s nisa
    90’s nisa21 hari yang lalu


  • yes babby?
    yes babby?21 hari yang lalu

    Im like that

  • I only stan legends
    I only stan legends22 hari yang lalu

    Asahi's laugh omg. Soty!!!!

  • globaltreasure effect
    globaltreasure effect22 hari yang lalu

    lai te so noto

  • Yelda Baylan
    Yelda Baylan23 hari yang lalu

    Şarkı yerine buraya geldim haha

  • andrea r
    andrea r23 hari yang lalu

    So beautiful

  • れいれい
    れいれい24 hari yang lalu


  • Rizka JA
    Rizka JA25 hari yang lalu


  • Huang Xuxi
    Huang Xuxi25 hari yang lalu

    i can't believe the time goes by someday they're not a rookie group anymore;((

  • YoonJaejaehyukID
    YoonJaejaehyukID27 hari yang lalu

    Asahi laugh is ma vitamin wkwk

  • dirafiraadzra
    dirafiraadzra29 hari yang lalu

    Sehat selau ya oppa treasure🤗

  • elisa rivera
    elisa riveraBulan Yang lalu

    Asahi's laugh we all need.

  • elisa rivera
    elisa riveraBulan Yang lalu


  • Caelyn Cntp
    Caelyn CntpBulan Yang lalu

    Asahi's laugh is what i only need in life〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  • Charisse Englaterra
    Charisse EnglaterraBulan Yang lalu


  • Renda Leriya
    Renda LeriyaBulan Yang lalu

    Haruto is very similar to Kris Wu

  • Rafal Al-Gburi
    Rafal Al-GburiBulan Yang lalu

    new Teume over era 🥺✌ (know am late😔✋)

  • Delis lucia Arias
    Delis lucia AriasBulan Yang lalu

    La risita de Asahi es muy Kawai

  • Silva
    SilvaBulan Yang lalu

    ketawanya Asahi pliss lucu bgt

  • Mᴀʀɪᴀɴ      Mᴇɴᴄɪᴅᴇ
    Mᴀʀɪᴀɴ MᴇɴᴄɪᴅᴇBulan Yang lalu

    Treasure 💢

  • คน ชิวๆ
    คน ชิวๆBulan Yang lalu

    Thame Thai, 몸조심하세요.

  • Selusur Rzqi
    Selusur RzqiBulan Yang lalu


  • jenny galanza Macaraeg
    jenny galanza MacaraegBulan Yang lalu

    They all looks handsome..

  • Rose Bautista
    Rose BautistaBulan Yang lalu

    I need more treasure in my life ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎

  • yoshi supremacy
    yoshi supremacyBulan Yang lalu

    omg i love them so much!

  • yoshi supremacy
    yoshi supremacyBulan Yang lalu

    yedam so handsome

  • yoshi supremacy
    yoshi supremacyBulan Yang lalu

    gnteng ku

  • yoshi supremacy
    yoshi supremacyBulan Yang lalu

    asahi cutest overload

  • yoshi supremacy
    yoshi supremacyBulan Yang lalu

    treasure best boys

  • verhoven swift
    verhoven swiftBulan Yang lalu

    their SMILE make my day MORE BRIGHT

  • شيماء سعيد
    شيماء سعيدBulan Yang lalu


  • Alisa Widya Sari
    Alisa Widya SariBulan Yang lalu


    JEONGWOO TREASUREBulan Yang lalu


  • Movie & Music Spot
    Movie & Music SpotBulan Yang lalu

    your video is very nice my friend,...kept stay connnected and always came here...🥰🥰

  • 댕글댕글
    댕글댕글Bulan Yang lalu


  • Sica Channel
    Sica ChannelBulan Yang lalu

    04.21.2021 Happy birthday to the swag & hiphop boy, Choi Hyunsuk ♡

  • Kookie전.
    Kookie전.Bulan Yang lalu

    Credit to right full owner - TREASURE INFORMATIONS😊 : DEBUT DATE: August 7, 2020 UNDER YG ENTERTAINMENT DEBUT SONG: Boy FANDOM NAME: Treasure Maker/Teume LEADERS:Hyunsuk and Jihoon TREASURE FULL NAMES: Choi Hyunsuk Park Jihoon Kanemoto Yoshinori Kim Junkyu Takata Mashiho Yoon Jaehyuk Hamada Asahi Bang Yedam Kim Doyoung Watanabe Haruto Park Jeongwoo So Junghwan ENGLISH NAMES: Hyunsuk- Danny Jihoon- Jun Yoshi- Jaden Junkyu - David Mashiho- Mama Jaehyuk- Kevin Asahi- Arthur Yedam- Kyle Doyoung - Sam Haruto- Travis Jeongwoo - Justin Junghwan - John LINE FRIENDS: TRUZ Hyunsuk- Chili Jihoon- Romy Yoshi-Yochi Junkyu- Bon Bon Mashiho- Matetsu Jaehyuk - Lawoo Asahi- Hikun Yedam- Ye- Dee Doyoung - Som Haruto- Ruru Jeongwoo - Woopy Junghwan - Podong KEYWORD OF TRUZ CHARACTER'S Chilli-passion Park Romy-beauty Yochi-Courage Bonbon-trust Matetsu-comfort Lawoo-consideration hikun-dream ye-dee-hope som-love Ruru-cooperation Woopy-fun podong-Satisfaction TRUZ STORY MAKING Truz's goal is happiness for all Truz is From Treasure Truz's group pose is the treasure shape ANIMAL EMOJI: 🐐= Haruto 🐺= Jeongwoo 🦁= Jaehyuk 🐨= Junkyu 🐮= Junghwan 🦊 = Yedam 🐷 = Hyunsuk 🐼= Jihoon 🐯= Yoshinori 🐹= Mashiho 🤖= Asahi 🐰=Doyoung BIRTHDAYS (by Month) So Junghwan- February 18, 2005 Park Jihoon- March 14, 2000 Takata Mashiho- March 25, 2001 Watanabe Haruto- April 5, 2004 Choi Hyunsuk- April 21, 1999 Bang Yedam- May 7, 2002 Kanemoto Yoshinori- May 15, 2000 Yoon Jaehyuk- July 23, 2001 Hamada Asahi- August 20, 2001 Kim Junkyu- September 9, 2000 Park Jeongwoo- September 28, 2004 Kim Doyoung- December 4, 2003 WATCH: YGTB-YG Treasure Box TREASURE MAP 3 MINUTE T TALK FACT CHECK T.M.I TREASURE STUDIO Weekly idol Yg treasure box Diary cam FANDOM NAMES (each members): hyunsuk - skies jihoon - auirs yoshi - hoshis junkyu - kyuties mashi - mashmellows asahi - sunlight jaehyuk - jaengels yedam - blackswans doyoung - dobbies haruto - haru haru jeongwoo - uwoos junghwan - precious RICH MEMBERS: Jeongwoo Doyoung Hyunsuk Jaehyuk Junkyu JUNGHWAN Yoshi Haruto Jihoon Yedam Asahi Mashiho MEMBERS HAVE A LINGUAL BRACES: Junkyu Jaehyuk Haruto Doyoung Junghwan Jeongwoo TREASURE’S FAVORITE COLORS: HYUNSUK - PURPLE JIHOON - RED YOSHINORI - GOLD JUNKYU - BLACK MASHIHO - PURPLE JAEHYUK - BLACK ASAHI - ALL COLORS YEDAM - PURPLE DOYOUNG - YELLOW HARUTO - BLACK JEONGWOO - TURQUOISE JUNGHWAN - PINK DORM 1 Hyunsuk,yoshi,junkyu,haruto (All solo rooms) DORM 2 Jihoon,mashiho,doyoung, jeongwoo (All solo rooms) DORM 3 Asahi,yedam, Junghwan,jaehyuk (All solo rooms) ORIGINAL SONGS: Boy Ilove you MMM My Treasure Orange Bling like this Come to me Beautiful Slowmotion Be with me Going crazy SOLO SINGER/SONG Fantasy Wayo ALBUMS: The First Step: Chapter 1 The First Step: Chapter 2 The First Step: Chapter 3 The First Step: Treasure Effect Treasure welcoming Collection OST: Beautiful (Black Clover Anime Ost) SKILLS OF TREASURE: HYUNSUK: Good at acting japan is praising treasure especially hyunsuk’s part because of his great skills at rapping in japanese, which isn’t his first language at all 🥺 JIHOON: it still amazed me how jihoon start off as a rapper during his early trainee time. then, known as best dancer in ygtb. now, he is a part of treasure vocal line. other senior artist also praised him for his mc skills. only jihoon who has a long japanese introduction in treasure and he speaks more than our jline members which proves that jihoon is their 5th member of japanese members ♡ he improve a lot on his skills! And editing skills YOSHI: JANG SUWON IS KNOWN FOR HIS ROBOT ACTING DUE TO HIS AWKWARD ACTING SKILLS THAT'S WHY HE CHOSE YOSHI,AS HIS FAVORITE MEMBER YOSHI TAEKWONDO SKILLS JUNKYU: Junkyu and Doyoung will be acting as identical twins who are transfer students that specialises in playing the piano 🐨🐰🎹 If they were to actually play the piano... 🤩🤞🏼 JANG SUWON IS KNOWN FOR HIS ROBOT ACTING DUE TO HIS AWKWARD ACTING SKILLS THAT'S WHY HE CHOSE JUNKYU AS HIS FAVORITE GAMER MASHIHO: Athletic Acrobatic skills JAEHYUK: Jaehyuk's acting skills 💯💯💯 Cooking skills English skill ASAHI: ATHLETIC Drawings When it comes to arts Robot dance YEDAM: Editing skills bang yedam singing skills unbeatable because he is God Yedam Athletic DOYOUNG: Doyoung acting skill is suprisingly good😳 the expressions are🤯🤯 I'M AMAZED WITH HIS SKILLS✋🏻😭 TREASURE WEB DRAMA AUDITION Athletic And piano skills HARUTO: Popping dance haruto beatboxing skills 🤩 JEONGWOO: King of flexibility park jeongwoo singing skills unbeatable Great vocalist JUNGHWAN: Child actor Junghwan showing his taekwondo skill He also said mashiho's also good with acrobatics Gamer Junghwan nailed by his acting skills and powerful vocals 🥺💗 Athletic They are all good acting and several times they have proven that they are good at acting

  • Ramzi Kusuma
    Ramzi KusumaBulan Yang lalu

    Wait is that kamen rider decade driver sound?

  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu


  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu

    Ngeboy yaa.

  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu


  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu

    Harus sering ngeboy biar cepet seratus juta viyu ny.

  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu

    Jangan lupa ngeboy.

  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu

    Aku mampir sini buat like komen n watching.

  • BigHYG. Hzell12.
    BigHYG. Hzell12.Bulan Yang lalu

    Hai tum.

  • 이웅리
    이웅리Bulan Yang lalu


  • dhyxxshijnee
    dhyxxshijnee2 bulan yang lalu


  • Irwendd do
    Irwendd do2 bulan yang lalu

    がんばって ね!!

  • Ekin S
    Ekin S2 bulan yang lalu

    My god guys arghhhhhhhhh😆😆👍🏻👍🏻

  • jiu jnx
    jiu jnx2 bulan yang lalu


  • Zehra Yalcin
    Zehra Yalcin2 bulan yang lalu

    0:47 her üzüldüğüm de buraya geliyom 💛 Terapi gibi xhdj

  • Rans_ 26
    Rans_ 262 bulan yang lalu


  • Nailah Yasmin
    Nailah Yasmin2 bulan yang lalu

    0:47 *Asahi laughing Me: *faint :)

  • Injae Lee
    Injae Lee2 bulan yang lalu

    트레저 꽃길만 걸어라 김도영 화이팅~!

  • epex kyungmin
    epex kyungmin2 bulan yang lalu


  • Swapna Pathak
    Swapna Pathak2 bulan yang lalu

    0:47 aww cutie Asahi

  • Dhafira Res
    Dhafira Res2 bulan yang lalu

    Dear teume I hope you feeling well today, it's an honor to send a message to all of teume So ikonic need your help please help us streaming ikon rhytm-ta ver kingdom on mnet youtube channel thankyou all of teume your help means a lot to us Best Regards, Ikonic

  • Ruby Jane
    Ruby Jane2 bulan yang lalu

    I life for asahi's laugh😣💕

  • ゆ り あ
    ゆ り あ2 bulan yang lalu


  • Angelen Valenzuela
    Angelen Valenzuela2 bulan yang lalu

    Dami ko namang kaagaw kay asahi!😩

  • Boom France
    Boom France2 bulan yang lalu

    It's so rare to see ASAHI laughing 😄

  • Luh Nyoman Ollyvia R.S.D.
    Luh Nyoman Ollyvia R.S.D.2 bulan yang lalu

    Asahi:*laugh Teume:WoW

  • Yovela Zachrie
    Yovela Zachrie2 bulan yang lalu


  • Xxi Britannia
    Xxi Britannia2 bulan yang lalu

    Treasure boys ❤️

  • rhian plays♡
    rhian plays♡2 bulan yang lalu

    Treasure ❤❤❤❤

  • Ericka Canada
    Ericka Canada2 bulan yang lalu


  • N C T
    N C T2 bulan yang lalu

    Asahi laugh is very adorable 🥰😍😭

  • Taleah Harden
    Taleah Harden2 bulan yang lalu

    popular opinion: Asahi's laugh makes us all melt and we want to put him our pockets

  • Ananda Rahmi
    Ananda Rahmi2 bulan yang lalu

    MV Beautifull keluar hari ini kan ? Aq bayangin MV nya vibe2 di pantai....suasana musim panas, atau dibikin anime ahhh keren

  • park jeongwoo
    park jeongwoo2 bulan yang lalu

    love u

  • eunbitrqdes
    eunbitrqdes2 bulan yang lalu

    Teumes are obviously the luckiest fandom out there

  • 윤재혁
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  • Angela Rozene Soriano
    Angela Rozene Soriano2 bulan yang lalu


  • andrea
    andrea2 bulan yang lalu

    After a long wait Treasure debuts in japan tomorrow

  • doyoung treasure
    doyoung treasure2 bulan yang lalu

    asahi laughj

  • doyoung treasure
    doyoung treasure2 bulan yang lalu


  • doyoung treasure
    doyoung treasure2 bulan yang lalu


  • doyoung treasure
    doyoung treasure2 bulan yang lalu

    beautiful mv woyy uwuu

  • Marlene Anabel
    Marlene Anabel2 bulan yang lalu

    lets go japan debut here we goooo

  • Marlene Anabel
    Marlene Anabel2 bulan yang lalu

    cant wait for their debut yaaayss

  • Gulnar
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  • Mork Lee
    Mork Lee2 bulan yang lalu

    asahi's laugh is my life

  • olfcbc
    olfcbc2 bulan yang lalu

    i love you all

  • andrea
    andrea2 bulan yang lalu

    SOLO FALTAN TRES DÍAS, espero que les vaya muy bien en su debut en Japón

  • Kurnia Febyanti1730
    Kurnia Febyanti17302 bulan yang lalu

    OMG Suami gw makin kerenn!!

  • Ria Puspita
    Ria Puspita2 bulan yang lalu

    When Asahi laugh = Oh wow i am in paradise。◕‿◕。

  • Jui
    Jui2 bulan yang lalu

    I hope this would be a good chance make their popularity increase and Yg please after the japan debut, Promote our treasure more in korea so they can be more known in korea and it can also help to get their first win in a music show. Teume's let's keep stream 'BOY' we're on the way to the 100M views let's get it for our Treasure!! TEUME'S WE CAN DO THISSSS!!!!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗

  • mitha mitha
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  • mitha mitha

    mitha mitha

    2 bulan yang lalu

    treasure best rookie

  • mitha mitha

    mitha mitha

    2 bulan yang lalu

    treasure effects